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  • Solve the Challenges

    Quests are comprised of a variety of challenges including riddles, puzzles and timed events delivered based on player actions and location via Augmented Reality, video & audio clips, text messages and more. * Players use the QuestXR mobile app to find Quests near them * Players can form a party to share the challenges and […]

  • Grow your Character

    Like MMORPGs, your character can increase reputation, become stronger and more effective and gain gear. Choose your Avatar Players can choose from several pre-set avatars to start or upload their own image at an additional cost. Win Renown & Quest Points Questers earn Renown Points (RPs) for completing challenges and Quests. A leaderboard displays the top […]

  • Join a Party

    Players can form parties. If any player in a party solves a challenge, the challenge is completed for the entire party. Rewards are shared among all party members and players must choose who receives loot from drops. For world events, multiple parties in disparate geographic locations can join to create raids. Each party in the […]

  • Earn Rewards

    Players can earn in-game rewards, such as gear, currency, etc. as well as real-world rewards such as gift cards, discounts, etc. In-Game Rewards Along with artifacts, players can win Quest Points, an in-game currency which can be used to buy gear, upgrades, Skills & Perks, etc. from the in-game shop or player marketplace. Real-World Rewards […]

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