Grow your Character

Like MMORPGs, your character can increase reputation, become stronger and more effective and gain gear.

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Choose your Avatar

Players can choose from several pre-set avatars to start or upload their own image at an additional cost.

Earn XP

Questers earn Experience (XP) for completing challenges and Quests. A leaderboard displays the top Questers based on a variety of factors, including XP. Questers also earn In-Game Currency (IGC), which can be used in the Shop to purchase/upgrade Perks, Skills, and Items. XP can only be earned, but additional IGC can also be purchased.

Perks (P) & Skills (S)

Players can send their XP to acquire or advance Perks and Skills.  Perks & Skills give Questers advantages in solving challenges or enhance their combat ability.  Cooldowns can limit their use to once or twice during a Quest.  For example:

Insight (P)
Get a hint to solve the challenge

Slow Time (P)
Get more time to solve a challenge

Pick Locks (S)
Bypass locks to reveal challenges faster


Questers acquire items from loot drops generated for successful challenge/Quest completion or can purchase them from the Shop. Based on their quality (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Famed, Epic, Legendary), items grant similar advantages as Perks and Skills at no additional XP cost.

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