Solve the Challenges

Quests are comprised of a variety of challenges including riddles, puzzles, physical activity, and timed events delivered based on player actions and location via Augmented Reality, video & audio clips, images, text messages, and more.

* Players use the QuestXR mobile app to find Quests near them
* Players can form a party to share the challenges and rewards
* When player(s) arrive, the app notifies them of the location of the first challenge, in this example, an Ottendorf cypher. Solving the cypher identifies the next location as a painting in one of the galleries:
* Pointing their phones at the painting, they get reward notifications and the next challenge, a slide puzzle:
* When the player(s) find the plant in the image, they hear an audio cue which lets them know they should look around using the app to find an AR clue near the plant, and so on.
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